Pubs in Mitte

Beers not especially interesting but its early hours and location at the Alexanderplatz station makes it convenient for a quick beer when passing thru.

Bavarian style beer hall with beers from Augustiner München

They have 18 taps but mostly national brands. After 5pm the price of beers fluctuate based on popularity -- a "Beer Stock Exchange"

Former Brauhaus Mitte reopened as a new Lemke location. I am glad they kept the old sign on the roof.

Finally open after a couple years in planning. Roughly half the taps are Brewdog beers and the rest guests. Only food is a selection of Pizzas.

They have moved, now in Mitte across from Nordbahnhof, Number of taps have decreased but still 15 rotating craft beers.

Hostel with real working nanobrewery inside.

Tap room of the Cologne brewery.

Corner pub with a house Czech beer and Schneider Weisse.

Brewpub in the old Nikolaiviertel. Decent fresh unfiltered helles.

Restaurant in an old building with Schneider Weisse and two house beers.

Corner pub that serves food until 8pm and allows smoking after 9pm. Some unusual beers on tap make it worth a visit.

Bavarian style beer hall with beers from Hofbräuhaus München

Kaschk  Fred Honorable Mention WiFi available

Coffee and beer bar. Beers are mostly nordic.

Bavarian style beer hall serving Löwenbräu München

Bavarian style beerhall with beers from Paulaner, In the central atrium of the building.

Restaurant with decent beer selection.

Berlin's entry in this growing international pub family.

Two house beers brewed by Brauerei Zukunft

Swabian restaurant with Rothaus Pils and Hefeweizen and Augustiner Hell.

Rhineland themed pub with a political bent and Gaffel Kölsch on tap. Same building as Die Berliner Republic.

Restaurant and tap room for the Bavarian brewery. Full range of beers on trap.

Fairly wide range of German beers from Früh Kölsch to Schneider Weisse. Worth a stop if you are exploring the Nikolaiviertel.

Claims to be Berlin's oldest pub. Beers are not that interesting but the pub is.

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