Pubs in Friedrichshain

Bakery and cafe with some beer.

Beers from the Bavarian brewery Schönram, one the more innovative traditional breweries in Germany.

Not clear if you can drink at the brewery (have heard conflicting reports)

Crepes, waffles, craft beer. Two house beers (Super Freunde) and two guests.

Franconian restaurant with Rittmayer, maybe other Frankenbier.

Hirsch  Full menu

Swabian pub with decent beer selection.

Home  Closed Sunday

The taps are a mix of local and international beers. A good bottle selection as well.

Protokol  New entry in the Guide in 2017 On the To Do List

Modern craft beer bar with a mix of German and imported craft beer. Some unusual beer on their tap list, including a number of Russian craft beers.

A typical Hell/Dunkel/Weizen brewpub but the beers I had were actually quite good.

Small brewpub with a wide range of generally good beers.

Specializes in Eastern European beers.

Mexican themed Tequila and Mezcal bar that supposedly has a small brewery (or some contracted house beers) and a decent selection of bottled craft beer.

Brewpub and movie theatre.

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