Usually has Bavarian Beer

The following pubs usually have Bavarian beers.

Bavarian style beer hall with beers from Augustiner München

Beers from the Bavarian brewery Schönram, one the more innovative traditional breweries in Germany.

Corner pub that serves food until 8pm and allows smoking after 9pm. Some unusual beers on tap make it worth a visit.

Bavarian style beer hall with beers from Hofbräuhaus München

Bavarian style beer hall serving Löwenbräu München

Bavarian style beerhall with beers from Paulaner, In the central atrium of the building.

Valentin  Full menu Usually has Bavarian Beer

Augustiner tavern across the street from Sudstern.

Restaurant and tap room for the Bavarian brewery. Full range of beers on trap.

Great looking kitschy Bavarian pub with lots of white and blue, Paulaner and Hacker-Pschorr beers.