Full menu

The following pubs serve a full menu.

24 Hour restaurant/pub

Bavarian style beer hall with beers from Augustiner München

They have 18 taps but mostly national brands. After 5pm the price of beers fluctuate based on popularity -- a "Beer Stock Exchange"

Craft & Belgian beers with burgers and steaks. Cash only.

Burgers and steaks with bottle Belgian and craft beers.

Former brewpub, now commissioning two house beers. Closed Tuesdays in May.

Second brewpub for Brauhaus Lemke

Former Brauhaus Mitte reopened as a new Lemke location. I am glad they kept the old sign on the roof.

One standard beer and monthly special beers.

Brlo Brwhouse  Full menu New entry in the Guide in 2016 Brewery tap, may have limited hours On the To Do List

Tap room is scheduled to open late in 2016. The beer garden formerly at this site has closed.

Neighborhood restaurant/pub with an unamed Czech Pils and Czech Schwarzbier, plus Flensburger and Wernesgrüner Pils.

Da Jia Le  Fred Honorable Mention Full menu

30 bottled craft & good traditional beers with freshly prepared Chinese dishes.

Andechers Hell and Schneider Weisse are most interesting taps.

Six of the taps are beers from Ratsherrn in Hamburg. Most of the rest are German craft beer with the odd American or Belgian favorite.

Belgo-Dutch style eetcafe with bottled Belgian beers.

Beer garden at the historic Wilmer brewery. Open Apr to Oct. Also an Xmas market, with craft beer trucks. Sometimes has a good Berliner Weisse that is a coloaboration between Bogk Bier and Schneeeule

Franconian restaurant with Rittmayer, maybe other Frankenbier.

Tap room of the Cologne brewery.

Corner pub with a house Czech beer and Schneider Weisse.

Brewpub in the old Nikolaiviertel. Decent fresh unfiltered helles.

Restaurant in an old building with Schneider Weisse and two house beers.

Hirsch  Full menu

Swabian pub with decent beer selection.

Bavarian style beer hall with beers from Hofbräuhaus München

Smoking room. Calls itself a "Craft Bar" with handmade beer but no other details.

Kohlenquelle  Full menu WiFi available Pilsener Urquell tankovna pub

Dive bar with Pilsener Urquell tankovna and some interesting bottles. Food is only served from 12:30-3:30pm daily. Large smoking bar in the basement.

In the Sony Center. No longer brews.

Whisky and British beers.

Bavarian style beer hall serving Löwenbräu München

Bavarian style beerhall with beers from Paulaner, In the central atrium of the building.

Barre Pilsener from Westphalia and a house unfiltered Helles.

Restaurant with decent beer selection.

Parker Bowles  Full menu Closed Sunday Closed Monday Has an unusual or regional beer on tap.

Restaurant with beer from & Union from Munich.

Pfefferbräu  Full menu Closed Monday Brewpub.

Upstairs in the Pfefferberg complex.

Restaurant with a Bavarian-sized summer beer garden and two house beers of unclear origin. Venerable and shady.

Meat oriented restaurant with decent tap list.

Traditional Berliner/German cooking, kids menu, and a house pils of unclear origin.

Swabian restaurant with Rothaus Pils and Hefeweizen and Augustiner Hell.

Rhineland themed pub with a political bent and Gaffel Kölsch on tap. Same building as Die Berliner Republic.

Specializes in Eastern European beers.

In a railway arch under the S Bahn. Full range of Lemke beers, many on tap, the rest in bottles.

Twinpigs  Full menu Closed Monday

Two Rollberg, Budvar and a rotating tap that was Heidenpeters last visit.

Valentin  Full menu Usually has Bavarian Beer

Augustiner tavern across the street from Sudstern.

Vegan restaurant that claims the house beers are from Brewbaker.

Restaurant and tap room for the Bavarian brewery. Full range of beers on trap.

Great looking kitschy Bavarian pub with lots of white and blue, Paulaner and Hacker-Pschorr beers.

House beers are a Helles, Schwarzbier and an unfiltered version of the Helles. Would say were they were brewed.

Fairly wide range of German beers from Früh Kölsch to Schneider Weisse. Worth a stop if you are exploring the Nikolaiviertel.

Claims to be Berlin's oldest pub. Beers are not that interesting but the pub is.