Closed Monday

The following pubs are closed on Monday.

Aunt Benny  Closed Monday Opens at 11am or earlier. On the To Do List

Bakery and cafe with some beer.

Bergschloss  Closed Sunday Closed Monday Closed Tuesday Brewery tap, may have limited hours

Brewery tap for Berliner Berg

Former brewpub, now commissioning two house beers. Closed Tuesdays in May.

Brauhaus neulich  Closed Sunday Closed Monday New entry in the Guide in 2018 Brewpub. On the To Do List

New brewpub in the Neuköllnistrict.

Franconian restaurant with Rittmayer, maybe other Frankenbier.

Heidenpeters  Fred Honorable Mention Closed Sunday Closed Monday Brewery tap, may have limited hours

Brewpub in the Market Hall

IPA Bar  Closed Monday Closed Tuesday

Over 100 IPA's in bottles, 4 on tap.

Whisky and British beers and sometimes even cask beers.

Parker Bowles  Full menu Closed Sunday Closed Monday Has an unusual or regional beer on tap.

Restaurant with beer from & Union from Munich.

Pfefferbräu  Full menu Closed Monday Brewpub.

Upstairs in the Pfefferberg complex.

Meat oriented restaurant with decent tap list.

Twinpigs  Full menu Closed Monday

Two Rollberg, Budvar and a rotating tap that was Heidenpeters last visit.

Vegan restaurant that claims the house beers are from Brewbaker.