Closed Sunday

The following pubs are closed on Sunday.

Bergschloss  Closed Sunday Closed Monday Closed Tuesday Brewery tap, may have limited hours

Brewery tap for Berliner Berg

Craft beer shop that has four taps for filling growlers. Some beers are also sold by the glass, but not all.

Brewbaker  Closed Sunday Brewery tap, may have limited hours

Brewery tap in a market hall

Beers from the Bavarian brewery Schönram, one the more innovative traditional breweries in Germany.

Pub in a residential neighborhood with an excellent selection of beer. Food is cheese and some sausages.

Tap room of the Cologne brewery.

Heidenpeters  Fred Honorable Mention Closed Sunday Closed Monday Brewery tap, may have limited hours

Brewpub in the Market Hall

Home  Closed Sunday

The taps are a mix of local and international beers. A good bottle selection as well.

Whisky and British beers.

Parker Bowles  Full menu Closed Sunday Closed Monday Has an unusual or regional beer on tap.

Restaurant with beer from & Union from Munich.

Vegan restaurant that claims the house beers are from Brewbaker.

Weiss Blau  Closed Sunday Usually has Franconian Beers On the To Do List

Bavarian market with decent selection of bottled Bavarian beers, including many from Franconia. Beers are to go or can be drunk on site.

Claims to be Berlin's oldest pub. Beers are not that interesting but the pub is.