WiFi available

WiFi is available in the following pubs.

Finally open after a couple years in planning. Roughly half the taps are Brewdog beers and the rest guests. Only food is a selection of Pizzas.

Old corner bar taken over by Scottish couple, who added better (mostly German) bottled beers. Separate smoking room (after 10pm) and reportedly the best haggis in Berlin.

Corner pub with a great beer selection.

Kaschk  Fred Honorable Mention WiFi available

Coffee and beer bar. Beers are mostly nordic.

Kohlenquelle  Full menu WiFi available Pilsener Urquell tankovna pub

Dive bar with Pilsener Urquell tankovna and some interesting bottles. Food is only served from 12:30-3:30pm daily. Large smoking bar in the basement.

Specializes in Eastern European beers.