Pubs on the To Do List

These are pubs that we haven't yet visited (or haven't visited recently) but have been recommended by readers. If you have been to any of them, please leave some comments.

Hours are a bit unclear as their Facebook page lists two different sets.

Beereau  New entry in the Guide in 2017 On the To Do List

Basically a bottle shop with a couple of taps and a huge number of beers in the fridge (so you can drink them on site). Formerly the Berlin Beer Academy.

Berlin's entry in this growing international pub family.

Has an emphasis on craft beers from Bavaria.

Protokol  New entry in the Guide in 2017 On the To Do List

Modern craft beer bar with a mix of German and imported craft beer. Some unusual beer on their tap list, including a number of Russian craft beers.

Brewpub and movie theatre.

Aunt Benny  Closed Monday Opens at 11am or earlier. On the To Do List

Bakery and cafe with some beer.

Cafe Prenzlau  Full menu On the To Do List

Metzer Eck  Closed Sunday On the To Do List

Old-fashioned, atmospheric Berliner pub with unexceptional beer list and traditional food.

Craft & Belgian beers with burgers and steaks. Cash only.

Hotel bar (Hotel am Steinplatz) with Rollberg Helles on draft and a selection of interesting bottled craft beers.

Vegan restaurant that claims the house beers are from Brewbaker.

Second location with a much larger range of taps.

Crazy mad scientist cocktail bar with a strong house bock beer on draft.

Brlo Brwhouse  Full menu New entry in the Guide in 2016 Brewery tap, may have limited hours On the To Do List

Tap room for the Berlin brewery.

Zur kleinen Markthalle  Full menu Has an unusual or regional beer on tap. On the To Do List

Riverfront biergarten with Pilsner Urquell tankbier.

New bar by the Biererei bottle shop across the street. The picture is of the bottle shop

On the roof of the Neukölln Arcade car park. Entry fee of €3.Closed for the months January and February.

Smoking room. Calls itself a "Craft Bar" with handmade beer but no other details.

Brauhaus neulich  Closed Sunday Closed Monday New entry in the Guide in 2018 Brewpub. On the To Do List

New brewpub in the Neuköllnistrict.

Former brewpub, now commissioning two house beers. Closed Tuesdays in May.

Giant bar and restaurant that is also the home of Stone's European brewery. Four beers are brewed in Berlin as of opening, the rest are Stone from California and guest beers.

Whisky and British beers and sometimes even cask beers.

Braustübl Müggelsee  Full menu On the To Do List

Next to the form Berlin Burgerbräu brewery and still serves their beers.

Three house beers (Kellerbier, Pils, IPA) plus Weihenstephen Weizenbier.

One standard beer and monthly special beers.

Weiss Blau  Closed Sunday Opens at 11am or earlier. Usually has Franconian Beers On the To Do List

Bavarian market with decent selection of bottled Bavarian beers, including many from Franconia. Beers are to go or can be drunk on site.